Weddings March 17, 2018

What if it rains on the big day?

Your big day will be amazing rain or shine with a few props and imagination.

  • Plan for the Cornish weather. As we all know living in Cornwall the weather can be unpredictable. So be prepared for some more fun, tell your wedding guests to bring umbrellas and wellies in their cars. Blankets and coats just in case it’s cold. As a wedding photographer in Cornwall, I have learnt to have fun with bad weather. It’s a chance for unique photos as long as you are up for it. I will always bring a few budget brollies and have plenty of ideas to make your photos stand out.


  • Be fearless.You might get a bit wet but don’t let bad weather stop your big day. Embrace the fun and be fearless,  trust me as your wedding photographer. It will all be worth it!


  • I am open to your ideas. During your wedding day you might have a crazy idea for a photo, so let’s just do it! We only get one shot at making special memories and I am hired to do what it takes. I have been muddy and soaked through but I love my job.


  • Allow time. It can be a bit of a nightmare planning the day so if the photos are important make sure you plan the time in. The best time of the day for beautiful pictures is towards the end of the day or early on. The technical bit – The sun is highest at midday, so the photos can be less flattering. If you plan on 1-2 hours later in the day we can sneak off and take some beautiful photos.

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